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Archive: February, 2016

Cookeville TN Family Portraits | Swann Family

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Being the youngest of three girls, there aren’t many of my childhood memories that don’t involve one of my sisters. Whether those memories are of games that we would play, secrets we would tell, or even the silly things about which we’d argue, there’s always one common theme-  we always had each other.

Watching Campbell and Nora run around as fast as they could, with dresses and bows and long hair blowing in the wind, it took me back to simpler days with my sisters. I bet these two sweet girls have no idea what kind of memories they’re making out there on the farm.

nashville family photographer_0660 nashville tn kids photographer_0535 tn family photographer_0659 franklin tn kids photographer_0533 franklin family photographer_0658 tennessee kids photographer_0530 white house tn childrens photographer_0531 wilson county kids photographer_0539 greenbrier tn kids photographer_0537 brentwood tn kids photographer_0532 springfield tn childrens photographer_0538 nashville childrens photographer nashville family photographer
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