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Archive: ‘Family Portraits’

Cookeville TN Family Portraits | Swann Family

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Being the youngest of three girls, there aren’t many of my childhood memories that don’t involve one of my sisters. Whether those memories are of games that we would play, secrets we would tell, or even the silly things about which we’d argue, there’s always one common theme-  we always had each other.

Watching Campbell and Nora run around as fast as they could, with dresses and bows and long hair blowing in the wind, it took me back to simpler days with my sisters. I bet these two sweet girls have no idea what kind of memories they’re making out there on the farm.

nashville family photographer_0660 nashville tn kids photographer_0535 tn family photographer_0659 franklin tn kids photographer_0533 franklin family photographer_0658 tennessee kids photographer_0530 white house tn childrens photographer_0531 wilson county kids photographer_0539 greenbrier tn kids photographer_0537 brentwood tn kids photographer_0532 springfield tn childrens photographer_0538 nashville childrens photographer nashville family photographer
Want to book your own family portrait session?  Let’s chat today.

Nashville TN Family Photographer: The Hollinger Family

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Since it’s Thursday, let’s throw it back to October with this sweet party of six.  Andy and my husband met at work, and then Malaina and I quickly became friends. I can’t say enough nice things about them and their awesome children; we feel pretty blessed to know them!

We met up at their home near my studio to get some outdoor photos with the gorgeous fall color. It was a bit chilly, but we ran around until sunset and had all kinds of laughs. Here are a few of my favorites from the day…

lebanon tn family photographer.jpg
hendersonville tn family photographer.jpg
nashville family photographer.jpg
mount juliet family photographer.jpg
nashville child photographer.jpg
hendersonville tn child photographer.jpg
hendersonville tn photographer.jpg
franklin tn photographer.jpg
lebanon tn photographer.jpg
franklin tn family photographer.jpg
fall family portraits nashville.jpg
family photographer nashville.jpg

Middle Tn Family Photographer | The Shanks Family

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Back in the fall, on one of the coldest photo shoots that I’ve been on in a while, I met up with one of my favorite hometown clients. Wes and I went to school together, and I was so honored to photograph Camrin three times during her first year. They needed photos for their family Christmas card, and I was thrilled to meet up with them for that.

cookeville tn family photographer.jpg
cookeville tn child photographer.jpg
nashville child photographer
family photographer brentwood tn.jpg
family photographer nashville.jpg

nashville tn child photographer
family photographer hendersonville tn.jpg
fun family portraits nashville.jpg
hendersonville tn family photographer.jpg

The best part? They just used this last photo as their announcement for Baby #2. :)

Nashville Family Photographer | The Bradley Family

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

You know those little indicators that pop up each September that remind you that Autumn is arriving? Crisp air, the fall of the first few leaves, pumpkin spice, scarves and boots…. or when I hear from certain clients that are ready to book their annual family photo shoot. The only thing better than being chosen as a family’s fall portrait photographer is being chosen year after year. :)

The Bradley Family and I always meet up at the same park so that we can get photos of sweet Paul as he grows (and what I handsome little guy he’s growing up to be!).  I love that he finally remembers me each year, or at least pretends to. We stomp around like old pals and catch up on all the new things he’s into. Here’s a bit of the fun we had that day…

nashville tn family photographer.jpg
brentwood tn family photographer.jpg
brentwood tn childrens photographer.jpg
frankllin tn family photographer.jpg
franklin tn child photographer.jpg
nashville child photographer.jpg
hendersonville tn child photographer.jpg
hendersonville tn family photographer.jpg

Are you in need of new family portraits? We don’t need fall weather for a great photo shoot! (Besides, it’s almost 60 degrees out as I type this!)  We can either meet at my studio or bundle up with some scarves and hot cocoa outside. Just fill out the contact form above and we’ll plan something perfect for you!

Nashville, TN Family Photographer | The Fitzpatricks

Monday, January 12th, 2015

I was so excited to see the Fitzpatricks for their session in my hometown. Kellie (the gorgeous mom) was my wedding photographer back in 2007, and we did a portrait session with her when Chase returned from Iraq. To say that I was excited (and nervous) to switch up roles would be an understatement.

This party of five brought their A game and I’m so excited with the images that we created. Our end goal was a large canvas collection for their living room, and I love how the rust background and fall scenery fit into the room!

nashville family photographer.jpg
nashville childrens photographer.jpg
brentwood tn childrens photographer.jpg
brentwood tn family photographer.jpgfun family photographer nashville
hendersonville tn family photographer.jpgfamily photographer in cookeville tn
cookeville tn family photographer.jpg
Side note about the photo below:  I asked everyone to line up, hold hands, and walk across the field. Kellie, the thinker, starting asking questions about where they should look, how fast they should go, etc. Before I could answer, John grabbed her hand, told her to chill out, and led his family across the field. This is the photo that I captured, and I feel like it speaks volumes about their family– John being the laid-back but fearless leader and Kellie looking back at her babies. :) How cool is my job?
nashville tn family photographer.jpg

Here’s a photo from Kellie’s Facebook page that shows the collection on their wall just before Christmas. :)
Family Photographer Nashville TN


I’m so happy to be kicking off 2015 with some babies and families in the studio this month. Want to join in on the fun? Simply fill out the Contact form (located in the menu bar above) and we’ll get something perfect planned for you. ;)


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