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Archive: ‘Giving Back’

Nashville, TN Newborn Photographer | Hannah Joy

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

There aren’t many greater feelings of longing and pining than that of waiting for a child to love and raise. As something that I now find is far more common than I ever knew, infertility has become such a strong, driving force in my business as a newborn photographer.

I get so excited for each and every client that brings their new baby into my studio. It could be that they easily got pregnant with their first, second, or third child, or it could be that they’ve adopted a child to round out their family. Those families are so precious to me, but none is more precious than the couple who brings in their newborn for whom they’ve waited years. Whether adoption or medical avenues were their choice, the excitement is still the same, and it’s always such an honor to document this special time for them.

Brad and Heather are friends of mine from church, and I’ve been praying for them to be connected with a child, their child, for a couple of years. Heather gave me the exciting news about Baby Hannah on Thanksgiving morning, and I cried tears of joy for this sweet, sweet family.

Here are some of my favorite images to date, if for no other reason than the fact that I know that this baby girl is with two Christian parents who prayed for her years before she was born, and God made sure that she found her way to them.

senior photographer_0276.jpg
senior photographer_0277.jpg
senior photographer_0280.jpg
senior photographer_0281.jpg
senior photographer_0278.jpg
senior photographer_0279.jpg
senior photographer_0283.jpg
senior photographer_0282.jpg
senior photographer_0284.jpg

Hope, Faith, & Photos for a Cure {Part 2}

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

It was about an hour into the Hope, Faith, & Photos for a Cure event when Ashley and her friend Mallory came through photo booth four. The two other photographers at my booth let me jump in and take the shots. I don’t normally shoot inside, and I was a bit nervous about learning the lighting on the fly… but I couldn’t have asked for two better models. :) We chatted a bit during the quick session, and I learned two things. 1.)Mallory goes to college at my alma mater. 2.)The way they make each other laugh reminds me of my best friend and myself.

A few hours later, they came to see me at my booth and asked me to step outside to take photos of them and some other friends. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get out and have some fun with them. We took a few photos of just Ashley and her main squeeze, Chuck.

Then we took some girls-only shots.

Finally, we talked the guys into taking some photos.

We spent about twenty minutes out in front of Marathon Village, dodging cars in the street and laughing the entire time. Although the whole event was amazing, this twenty minutes outside was definitely the highlight of my day!


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